Street Thing-Lyrics

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Lyrical Diary-Street Thing
Lyrical Diary

“Street Thing”

Street Thing
Street Thing
You and me got a street thing going on

[Verse 1]

Now that we have come to know each other
I’ll never go away, love will always stay here forever…
Cause this thing we’ve got is very rare, yeah
So don’t ever go nowhere, no

Cause you and me got
A street kinda thing goin’ on
And I’m so happy that I found you
Our love ain’t goin’ nowhere
It’s gonna stay right here
Right here forever

[Verse 2]

You’ll never have to ask a second time
I’m the one for you, you’re the one for me
So there’s no doubt in my mind, no
Boy this love we have is o so real, oh yes it is
That’s why I’m never goin’ nowhere, no

Yo Liyah, why don’t you take it to the bridge
and let ’em know how you really feel

You can climb the highest mountain
You can swim the deepest sea
But boy I gotta let you know
My love will always be

Lyrical Diary

The lyrics of the song focus on the hardships of life in the inner city and the rapper’s experiences with crime and violence. The song is a commentary on the cycle of poverty and violence that often plagues urban neighborhoods.

The lyrics are dense and poetic, with Williams using complex language to explore the concept of street culture. Examines how street culture has been romanticized and misunderstood, arguing that it is more than just a place or a way of life. Rather, it is a mindset that is based on improvisation and self-expression. For Williams, the street represents a space where people can be themselves and create their own rules.

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