I’m So Into You-Lyrics

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Lyrical Diary-I'm So Into You
Lyrical Diary

“I’m So Into You”

I’m so into you
I’m so into you
I’m so into you
I’m so into you

[Verse 1]
Baby can’t you see I got a thing for you
I really like the way you do the things you do
Take control of me fullfill my fantasies
Here’s my pager number won’t you get with me
It’s just the little things you do that turns me on
You really turn me on
And you got it goin’ on I’m into you

[verse 2]
My dear I feel so weak you knock me off my feet
And it’s good to know you love me just for me
I’ll be here all the time I’ll never let you go
There is something that I have to let you know

Well can’t you see Aaliyah’s got a thing for you
And the second chapter like the things you do
So pull up to my bumper and I’ll ride wit’ you
And let’s go rollin’ down a block or two
Now add a little bass to the E Q button
Now all of a sudden I gotta whisper sweet little nothing
Aaliyah told me to tell you to call her

Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na!!!

Lyrical Diary-

The lyrics about a person in love with someone else and expresses their affection for them. They talk about how they are obsessed with the other person and can’t stop thinking about them. They also express their hope that the other person feels the same way about them.

The lyrics appear to be about a relationship that is progressing positively. The singer expresses their excitement and enthusiasm for the relationship, and they seem to be very invested in it. The lyrics are full of positive sentiment, and they reflect a strong emotional connection between the two people in the relationship. The song seems to be celebrating the early stages of a new romance, and it captures the feeling of being head-over-heels in love.

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