One More Try-Lyrics

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“One More Try”

Could be your eyes, could be your smile.
Could be the way you freed my mind.

Your precious touch caressed my soul.
You gave me everything I need, and know I’ll lost.
Lost forever.

Lost forever, and you said this is going nowhere, girl.
And you said I turned my back on.
You said I’ll not the only one for you.

Please give me one more try for the sake of our love
Let’s give it one more chance coz I can’t give you up.
I can’t live one more day without you in my arms
I could never find another like you.

Could be the lies, could be my pride.
That Could be the days and nights so wild.

Could be the times I wasn’t there.
And all the nights we didn’t share, and now you’ve lost.
Lost forever


I can’t sleep, I can’t live without you by my side.
So cold, so lost without as my guide.
You made me realise I’ve nothing, nothing without you.


Baby give me one last try

Lyrical Diary-

The lyrics of “One More Try” explore the idea of redemption and second chances. The narrator pleads with a former lover to give them one more chance, as they are willing to do whatever it takes to make things work. The song reflects the hope that people can change for the better and overcome their mistakes.

The lyrics of “One More Try” discuss the protagonist’s journey to redemption. After making many mistakes, the protagonist asks for one more chance to make things right. He recognizes that he is not perfect, but he is hopeful that he can still make things right. The song reminds us that we all deserve second chances and that no one is perfect.

The song’s lyrics question whether or not someone deserves a second chance, presumably after making a mistake. The song argues that everyone deserves another chance, even if they have failed in the past. The lyrics reflect the idea that humans are imperfect and everyone makes mistakes. The song encourages people to forgive others, even if they have done wrong.