No More-Lyrics

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“No More”

You say we’ll work it out, then you say you’re having doubts.
Tell me walk away, but then you’ll go insane.
Calling me day and night, saying he don’t treat you right.
Then you always turn around and give him one more chance.

Baby you know it isn’t fair, you’ll send me to be there.
But we’d never get no-where.

I’ve got one foot out the door, I don’t wanna hear about him no more.
I’ll make along so we shall, time too make up your mind girl.
No more back and forth, I don’t wanna hear about him no more.
If I’m not what you want, I don’t wanna hear no more.

Stop telling me you need more time, tired of the same old line.
Better make a move or you are gonna find, are you taking it.
Cos you know it’s wrong, better let him know it’s time too go your moving on.
Baby you don’t know how close I am to being gone.

Really known you long enough,
I can only take so much, tell me if I have you heart.
(How do you really love)
Baby you know it isn’t fair, you send me to be there.
But we never get no-where.


(I don’t wanna hear no more)
If your sure that you really love me.
(I don’t wanna hear no more)
Out the door if you still don’t know.
I’ll be there for you and you know it’s true,
you belong to me. What you go and do (I don’t wanna hear no more)
[Chorus Till End]

Lyrical Diary-

No more, just let me go. You tell me that you love me, but then you don’t let me go
You hold me tight, and then you push me away
It doesn’t make any sense to me
You say you want to be with me, but then you don’t want to stay
I don’t know what to do or where to go
I know I don’t want to be with you.

The lyrics of “No More” discuss the speaker’s disillusionment with the world and their desire to no longer participate in it. They express a feeling of hopelessness, describing the world as a place that is “sick and full of lies” and “a place where no one cares.” They long for a better life, one where they can be happy and free from pain, but see no hope for that happening.

The speaker proclaims that they will no longer accept the world as it is, with all of its cruelty and violence. They resolve to create a new world where love and compassion reign supreme. This seems like a utopian ideal, but the speaker may be motivated by a sincere desire to make things better for everyone.