I’ll Take The Tear-Lyrics

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Lyrical Diary-I'll Take The Tear
Lyrical Diary

“I’ll Take The Tear”

Don’t speak, seal your lips.
Please don’t say a word, maybe I won’t remember the words I have not heard.
I see that you’re in love, I know it’s not with me.
But I don’t want the truth to haunt my memory.

It’s never too late to relight the fire
It’s never stopped burning for me.
The flame, it never died inside of me.

How is it now that I can tell you I love you
How is it only now that it’s too late.
What can I do?
The love that we had is torn in two.
So you take the smiles from all of our years.
I’ll take the tears.

I sit and reminisce of times that we once shared.
You gave me more than love. But never thought I cared.
My feelings were all for you.
Although it didn’t show.
I only told you on the day you let me to go.


Now I realize that you’re no longer mine.
But I’m hoping that the pain will ease in time.
Although you’re leaving, I won’t say goodbye.
Because I know you’re here with me inside.

[Chorus: Repeat Till End]

Lyrical Diary-

The lyrics of the song “I’ll Take The Tear” seem to be about a person in a relationship that is no longer working. The person is willing to take the tear that represents the end of the relationship to move on and find someone new. That seems to be a sentiment that many people can relate to, as breaking up can be difficult and often painful.

The lyrics of “I’ll Take the Tear” discuss the speaker’s conflicted feelings about a past relationship. On the one hand, the speaker misses the relationship and wishes they could have it back; on the other hand, the speaker acknowledges that there were problems in the relationship and is glad to be free of them. The lyrics are full of complex, poetic language that reflects the speaker’s emotional turmoil.

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