I Wonder Why-Lyrics

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“I Wonder Why”

I’m tired of fighting, got a fever when you try to get out. (Out, out, out)
I’ve tried but I can’t understand what all the fuss is about.
I wish that I could be the man that you wanted me to be.
I need you to see.

I try and I try, yet I can’t seem to fly.
My soul full of pain when you cry, I wish I was perfect and god knows I try.
But everything I do just tears your heart in two, I wonder why.

I never thought that being lovers meant that we can’t be friends
If only I could understand what make you stay and stop breaking free from me
I wonder why.


Can’t you see
It’s killing me, it’s not the way things used to be.
Can you remember yesterday, we used to smile without a care
Whenever you and I were near
Can’t you see that I wanna be with you.

Oh baby!

Oh oh oh, everything I do, tears your heart in two.
[Chorus: Repeat Till End]

Lyrical Diary-

The lyrics of “I Wonder Why” seem to be about a person in a relationship that is not going well. The person wonders why things are not working out and seems to be looking for an answer. The lyrics are written to make it sound like the person is not sure what to do next.

The lyrics of “I Wonder Why” seem to be about a person in a relationship with someone they are not sure is right for them. The person in the song is wondering why they are not happy and why they don’t feel like they can be themselves around this other person. They seem to be questioning if this is really what they want in life and if this is the right person for them.