Would You Make a Mistake for Me | 你会为我犯错吗’

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Would You Make a Mistake for Me | 你会为我犯错吗’

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他们说你是一个完美的女人 (Tāmenshuō nǐshì yígè wánměide nǚrén)
They say you are a perfect woman

每次我只能远远的看你 (Měicì wǒ zhǐnéng yuǎnyuǎnde kànnǐ)
Every time I can only watch you from afar

他们说爱我是一种堕落 (Tāmenshuō àiwǒ shì yìzhǒng duòluò)
They say loving me is a fall from grace

每次我只能偷偷的想你 (Měicì wǒ zhǐnéng tōutōude xiǎngnǐ)
Every time I can only miss you secretly

你的眼睛 带我盲目到处地流浪 (Nǐde yǎnjing dàiwǒ mángmù dàochù de liúlàng)
Your eyes lead me to roam aimlessly

你的心是我 从没有旅行过的地方 (Nǐdexīn shì wǒ cóngméiyǒu lǔxíng guò de dìfāng)
Your heart is a place I’ve never traveled

你会为我犯错吗 (Nǐhuì wèiwǒ fàncuò ma)
Would you make a mistake for me?

我会是你犯的第一个错吗 (Wǒhuì shì nǐ fànde dìyígècuò ma)
Would I be the first mistake you make?

错误比完美更有意思不是吗 (Cuòwù bǐ wánměi gèngyǒuyìsi búshìma)
Mistakes are more interesting than perfection, aren’t they?

我说错了吗 (Wǒ shuōcuòle ma)
Am I wrong?



你会因为我说错而爱我吗 (Nǐhuì yīnwèiwǒ shuōcuò ér àiwǒ ma)
Would you love me for saying something wrong?

你会因为犯错而更爱你自己吗 (Nǐhuì yīnwèi fàncuò ér gèng’àinǐzìjǐ ma)
Would you love yourself more for making the mistake?

错误比正确更加浪漫不是吗 (Cuòwù bǐ zhèngquè gèngjiā làngmàn búshìma)
Mistakes are more romantic than what’s proper, aren’t they?

你会爱我吗 (Nǐhuì àiwǒ ma)
Would you love me?

他们说你是一个完美的女人 (Tāmenshuō nǐshì yígè wánměi de nǚrén)
They say you are a perfect woman

每次我只能远远的看你 (Měicì wǒ zhǐnéng yuǎnyuǎn de kànnǐ)
Every time I can only look at you from a distance

你会吗 (Nǐhuìma)
Would you?


Composer: Chen Youcang
Lyrics: Li Gedi
Singer: Jeff Chang/Zhang Xinzhe

Lyrical Diary: Would You Make a Mistake for Me | 你会为我犯错吗’

Would You Make a Mistake for Me | 你会为我犯错吗’– Chinese Songs, Lyrics in Chinese,, Chinese Songs Lyrics

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