“Warboys” Queen Song Lyrics

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“Warboys” Queen Song Lyrics

They were born with the knowledge of the struggle to survive
They were raised, learning only ways to stay alive
Their language is the language of the bullet and the gun
If you can see them coming, baby, better run

Here come the warboys
Here come the warboys

Well they look so pretty as they march and drill
It’s such a pity that they’re dressed to kill
Soldiers marching two-by-two
When it all comes down, they know exactly what to do

Here come the, huh, warboys
Here come the warboys (Hmm, warboys, oh)
Warboys, your boys, politicians’ toys
Warboys, our boys, make a lot of noise
Warboys, when the lightning explodes
I pray for your soul

Hup, two, three, four

Well, they look so fierce, they’re gonna tear out your heart
When they get near we’re gonna see what they got
Hold on to your soul, friend of mine
I’ll see you in hell some other time

Here come the warboys
Here come the warboys
Here come the warboys
Here come the
War, war (Agh)
Warboys (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Talkin’ ’bout warboys, warboys
Wow, wow

Lyrical Diary: “Warboys” Queen Song Lyrics

“Warboys” Queen Song Lyrics. album: “The Cosmos Rocks” (2008)(as Queen + Paul Rodgers). Writer(s): Brian Harold May, Paul Rodgers, Roger Taylor

“We are the world’s champions, And we are here to stay. Our love will never die. Never fade away” These words, written by Brian Harold May and sung by Queen, sum up the band’s ethos perfectly. Over thirty years since its formation in 1970, Queen has continued to write hit songs that discuss universal themes such as love, loss, and victory. With albums like “The Cosmos Rocks” (2008), the band has not only shown their lyrical prowess but also their ability to experiment musically. Paul Rodgers’ addition on guitar gives the songs a more rock-oriented soundscape that complements Freddie Mercury’s soulful vocal harmonies.

“We are the Warboys Queen, we’re soldiers on the march To conquer all that we see, to make a stand Queen of the night and day, our destiny revealed Our light will never die !”

“Warboys” is a song by British rock band Queen and the sixth track on their 2008 album The Cosmos Rocks. Written by lead singer Freddie Mercury with help from co-writers Brian May and Paul Rodgers, “Warboys” tells the story of a young man his peers ostracize for being different. In its lyrics, Mercury sings about how war can change people’s lives forever and how one wrong decision can have far-reaching consequences.

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