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You used to say that everyday.
We will always be this way.
Flying Angels lifting high to reach the sun were I belong.
Girl you know you are the one.
Above the clouds I see you cry.

You know that when you smile.
You stop the rain and we will be together. Once again.

Although I’m gone, remember me.
Please be strong I’ll never leave.
Just hold on, to the memories.
Coz while I’ll here, all I’m thinking about is tomorrow.

I’ll always know the love you’ve shown.
Means I’ll never be alone
There’ll be times you wonder why.

But seeing you with someone new.
Used to make me feel so blue.
But know I’m with you, all the time.


From the moment that I looked into your eyes.
All of my life I thought I’ll be there.
By your side, I wish I’ll took the time to find the words to say.

You know when you stop the rain.
And we will be together once again.

Coz while I’m here, all I’m thinking about is tomorrow.

Lyrical Diary-

The singers tell the listener that they can make a difference in the world and be better tomorrow. They encourage the listener to seize the day and never give up hope. The lyrics are optimistic and inspiring, and they offer a message of hope for the future.

The lyrics for “Tomorrow” discuss the idea of hope for the future. Specifically, the song speaks to making plans for a better tomorrow, although the present is difficult. The lyrics also emphasize the importance of hope and the power of positive thinking.

The lyrics to “Tomorrow” explore the idea of hope and the future. The song conveys that no matter what might happen today, tomorrow offers a chance for a new beginning. The lyrics are optimistic and promise that better things are always ahead.