“Tessa DiPietro” – Lana Del Rey Lyrics

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“Tessa DiPietro” – Lana Del Rey Lyrics

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“Tessa DiPietro”

No one ever touched me without wanting to kill me
Except for a healer on 6th street in Ridgely
Tessa DiPietro,
Recommended casually by a medium I no longer know

She said my number-one problem was that my field was untrusting
When asked what to do, she paused and said nothing
Which sent me right into uncontrollable sobbing

Because there’s never anything you can do about the important things

She said “Okay, one thing you can do is picture the floor rising up to support you,
And sink into the back of the bed that’s behind you
Too much of your energy is in front and above you”

Which, for some reason, made me think of a live show I’d seen
Jim Morrison at the Hollywood Bowl, 1968, check date

The blue trellis lights gave him an unusual aura
Like a halo or something
Made him 8 feet or taller

I remember just thinking he looked out of his body
But definitely like a god on stage

So I told her “Maybe an artist has to function a little bit above themselves,
If they really want to transmit some heaven”

And she told me
“A singleness of focus is the key to transmission,
For an emphasis on developing inner intuition,
Close your eyes and feel where you hold your attention

If it’s in the back of your eyes
Walk it down to your heart’s centre
And make that the new place from which your thoughts enter

Clairvoyance comes mostly from this simple function
Oh – and Jim died at 27
So find another frame of reference
When you’re referencing heaven

And have you ever read the lyrics to ‘People are Strange’?
He made no sense!”

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“Tessa DiPietro” – Lana Del Rey Lyrics – Best English Song Lyrics, English Song Lyrics, English Song Lyrics Download

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