State Of Attraction-Lyrics

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“State Of Attraction”

I’m in such a state

Such a mess
Such a funny feeling
I must confess
I never felt like this before

Runnin’ hot
Runnin’ my emotions
Your lovin’ shock
Goes through me like an open door

My heart’s in animation
And beating double time

State of attraction
Somehow you make my body come alive
My arms wanna hold ya
My lips wanna kiss
You make me want to want you

This is strange
This is all a new thing
Oh, what a change
I know that real life ain’t like this

Goin’ mad
Goin’ past the love zone
I got it bad
I got it so I can’t resist

I’m in a deep suspension
A limbo void of time

State of attraction
You’re just a magnet to this heart of mine
These eyes wanna know ya
These hands wanna touch
‘Cause I’m affected by you

I’m in a state of attraction
Somehow you make my body come alive
My arms wanna hold ya
My lips wanna kiss
You make me want to want you

Lyrical Diary


This is love science, a chemical reaction
Ooh baby, to resist ain’t worth tryin’
‘Cause once ya start the action

State of attraction
I can’t resist
A chilly action
The first time we kissed
You got me so excited
What can I do?
You make want to want you

State of attraction

State of attraction
I’m in such a state
And I think you know
That I can hardly wait

If I’m the magnet
Then you’re the steel
And I just wanna show
Exactly how I feel

State of attraction

I’m gonna stay baby
I’m wanna hold you
Lips wanna kiss you

I’m in a state of attraction
Running hot, running my emotions, baby

State of attraction

Lyrical Diary-

The lyrics of “State of Attraction” explore the idea of love as a state of mind that can be achieved through positive thinking. The song encourages the listener to focus on the good things in their lives and to keep their thoughts and energy focused on what they want to attract into their lives. The lyrics are written in a positive and uplifting tone, and they offer encouragement to anyone who is feeling down or struggling with love.

The song “State of Attraction” by the band OneRepublic is about the power of attraction and how it can affect people’s lives. The lyrics talk about how people can be drawn to each other for various reasons and how that attraction can lead to positive or negative outcomes. The song is about the idea that people are attracted to each other for a reason and that we should all pay attention to those instincts and emotions.