“Proud”, Aaron Cole- Lyrics

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“Proud”, Aaron Cole- Lyrics

From coffee shops to arenas in the blink of an eye
Seems like yesterday I would try to tell me friends I was hot
I told my crew that I would be in the paper
Went from the paper to the news and just sometime later
I’m in another country whole crowd singing my words
It’s crazy God let me reach from the hood to the burbs
I gotta put You in the center like You Cartwright
Cause it don’t mean a thing if I don’t got my heart right
Grown man things but I still ain’t on my own
You ain’t a grown man just cause you paying for your phone
A wise man learn from another man’s mistakes
A fool just tries to learn on his own
I’m yelling Lord take me home to that promised land you promised me
I ain’t always listen to my pops but he proud of me
Yeah You the truest of the friends
And I promise in the end

I’ma make You proud
I promise I’ma make You proud
I know You gon’ hold me down I promise I’ma make You proud

I can’t even lie to myself
I’d be more messed If I tried this myself
Wheels turning like I’m Tina
I’m tryna be you’re twin you Tamera and I’m Tia
Pursuit of happiness like I’m Will
I’m just tryna’ do everything in Your will
Your plan is efficient forget how I feel
Going for the ring I’m Kobe and You Phil
I know I mess up I know fall down
But there good like you working for the law now
Born in to sin was never born to be perfect
I may have some scars but remember we stay working
If you looking for some fakes you can find ’em
We just a whole bunch of adams like Yolanda
You the truest of the friends
And I promise in the end

The comeback always stronger than a setback and in the end I bet that

Lyrical Diary-“Proud”, Aaron Cole- Lyrics

“Proud”, Aaron Cole- Lyrics. Writer(s): Solomon Jerome Olds, Aaron Tyrese Cole. EP: “Virginia Boy” (2018)

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