“Little Things”, Aaron Pritchet- Lyrics

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“Little Things”, Aaron Pritchet- Lyrics

Wake me up before you leave
I’d like to hear your voice one more time
If you do I can fall back to sleep
And drift off to dream with a smile

I’ll miss you while you’re gone
When you’re out I’ll get the laundry done

Some times all it takes
Is an unexpected “I love you”
To wrap your arms around the one that you love
That’s what it’s all about
It’s the little things that count

So when you find that special one
To stand beside you for the rest of your life
Those little things come naturally
A love like this is one of a kind

Even when I’m not with you
I can feel your love in everything you do

It’s the little things that count

Lyrical Diary-“Little Things”, Aaron Pritchet- Lyrics

“Little Things”, Aaron Pritchet- Lyrics. Writer(s): Aaron Pritchett, Tom McKillip. album: “Something Goin’ On Here” (2003)

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