Life Is A Party, Aaron Carter-Lyrics

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Life Is A Party, Aaron Carter-Lyrics

hey hey hey hey hey [X2]

party time, gimme the beat,
wave your hands from side to side,
here we go

Some people live for the weekends
seems like such a waste
Counting down ’till the fun begins
what about the other days?

there’s Monday night
(there’s monday night)
and Tuesday night
(and tuesday night)
Wenesday, Thursday
Why wait?
365 days!

Life is a party
lets get it started, get it started, get it started tonight
Life is a party
get excited, your invited, there’s a party tonight

Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey [X2]

imagine everyone in the world
out in the street tonight
everybody’s gonna rock all day
just nine to five party time

down in Brazil
(down in Brazil)
and Tokyo
(and Tokyo)
Puerto Rico
Everybody lets go!


(365 days)

woo come on
Life is a party
o ya, o ya, o ya, o ya, woo, here we go
life is a party
(life is a party baby!)
let’s get excited, your invited
there’s a party tonight

uhh gimme the beat
uhh gimme gimme the beat
gimme the beat
all around the world
every 24/7 gonna rock ya girl
so you like to party
cuz I wanna get to it
everybody everywhere, lets do it
lets do it
lets do it
uh, come on, come on!

down in Brazil
(down in Brazil)
and Tokyo
(and Tokyo)
It’s not today
Why wait?
365 days

Lyrical Diary-Life Is A Party, Aaron Carter-Lyrics

Life Is A Party, Aaron Carter-Lyrics. Writer(s): Hicks James Dean, Scoggin James Houston, Goldmark Andrew G. album: “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” (2000)

Life is a party, and everyone should enjoy it to the fullest. This is especially true for Aaron Carter, who has put together some of the most memorable and entertaining songs. Whether he’s singing about drinking beer or dancing all night long, Aaron’s music is always entertaining and makes for a great night out with friends.

Aaron Carter’s lyrics capture the essence of life – it’s a party, and we should enjoy every minute! He sings about living for today and not worrying about tomorrow and suggests that we let loose and have fun. This is an upbeat song that highlights the joys of life – there’s no better way to celebrate than by enjoying the moment!

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