“Khashoggi’s Ship” Queen Song Lyrics

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“Khashoggi’s Ship” Queen Song Lyrics

Who said that my party was all over, huh, huh
I’m in pretty good shape
The best years of my life are like a super nova
Huh, huh, perpetual craze
I said that

Everybody drank my wine you get my drift
And then we took a holiday on Khashoggi’s ship
Well, we really had a good good time they was all so sexy
We was bad, we was blitzed
All in all it was a pretty good trip

This big bad sucker with a fist as big as your head
Wanted to get me, I said go away
I said kiss my ass honey
He pulled out a gun, wanted to arrest me
I said uh, uh, babe

Now listen no-one stops my party
No-one stops my party
No-one, no-one, no-one stops my party
Just like I said
We were phased, we was pissed
Just having a total eclipse

Bup bup, badabup, badibup bup bup
Bedabup bedadee hey
That’s good
Wooh wooh wooh
Wooh wooh wooh, hah!

This one’s on me so let us
Do it just right
This here one party
Don’t get started ’til midnight

Hey! Hah!
Everybody’s party to the left
Party to the right
Lay mine in the middle
Do it all night, alright alright, hey
Two within the middle with you
We’re going buddy
Hey uh, hey huh
Alright, hey
Left, right, left, right
No one stops my, ah!

Lyrical Diary : “Khashoggi’s Ship” Queen Song Lyrics

“Khashoggi’s Ship” Queen Song Lyrics. album: “The Miracle” (1989). John Deacon, Roger Taylor, Brian May, and Freddie Mercury were the authors of this song.

The song is about the relationship between a young couple, the king and queen, and their children. The song is about the love between the king and queen and how it is tested during their time together.

The album “The Miracle” by John Deacon and Roger Taylor was released in 1989. The song “Khashoggi’s Ship” is from the album and was written by John Deacon and Roger Taylor.

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