“Judah Smith Interlude” – Lana Del Rey Lyrics

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“Judah Smith Interlude” – Lana Del Rey Lyrics

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“Judah Smith Interlude”

I don’t understand what that means
It means quit lusting after your neighbor
That’s a heck of a life
You get to love your children in front of you
You get to love, you have to talk to somebody “I want a new life”
“I don’t love my wife anymore, I don’t love my kids anymore
Missing out on life at usually my age”
Does that sound like love?
It’s a life dominated with lust
And for too long, they’ve been holding it up
And finally, they just get weak and they say
“It doesn’t matter anymore”
And the Spirit of God says, “I’ll infuse you with desires for what you have and what’s in front of you.”
(Yeah, yeah)

So, as it works deep in your heart
As you call out to Him and say, “How could you do it to me, Man?”
Help me want what I got. Help me love what’s in front of me
Help me want more of my wife and more of my friends
And help me serve the city I live in
And not wish it away and hope I can move
Help me, God
I wanna be a man in love, not a man in lust.”
But you’ve gotta do that
So I bring you to this verse, then I’m done, I’m done
Psalms, chapter 8

And do you know where I got this verse?
This is gonna sound crazy to you, but I’m gonna tell you the absolute truth
It’s gonna make me sound so superior to us all
I’m looking forward to it
I woke up this morning and God said, “Check the Bible”
I don’t know if it was God, but if felt like God in my head
I thought if I hadn’t checked the Bible
I’m gonna speak to you from the verse of the day
That means I don’t have to do anything, I don’t have to look anywhere
Just get to the verse of the day
So I get to the verse of the day and here’s the verse of the day
Today, in the Bible

Look at this (It’s cool)
Look at the splendor of the skies
You creative genius glowing in the heavens
When I gaze, when I gaze at Your moon and Your stars
Mounted like jewels in their setting
I know, You are the fascinating artist who fashioned it all
When I look up and I see such wonder and workmanship above
I have to ask this question
I’ve gotta ask this question
Compared to all this cosmic glory
Why would you ever bother with puny, mortal men
Or be—ooh, don’t get me started, I could preach another hour—be infatuated
Totally infatuated with Adam’s son?

Why are you so infatuated with me?
You’re the star creator, You’re the ocean maker (Yeah, yeah)
You’re the whale creator, you’re the rhino designer
Who, who are you? (Rhino designer)
And then, and then it goes on in verse 5
And it says, “Yet what honor you have given to men
Created only a little lower than Elohim
Which is the name of Creator God
Artist God”
You wanna call God “artist”
At some point tonight when you go to bed pray
“Yo, Elohim,” and he’ll hear, “You’re the best artist ever”

Crowned like kings and queens with glory and magnificence
You have delighted, You delegated to them mastery over all You have made
You’ve made me a partner with You
I used to think my preaching was mostly about you
And you’re not gonna like this but I’m gonna to tell You the truth
I’ve discovered my preaching is mostly about me

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