Isn’t It Cheap-Lyrics

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Lyrical Diary-Isn't It Cheap
Lyrical Diary

“Isn’t It Cheap”

This punky clubwas spinning fores off a funky tee
I’m on the floor and she’s watching me
Guess she was fine with a head to thigh inspection
With my back against the wall I play it casually
Man, I don’t know but when she smiled at me
And started grinding her arse on the horn of some dirty trumpet
I had to say something

Camera shy, no style, getting it right I said I wanna take you home, tonight.
And she said

*Let me take you to a place I know
Right beside the dirty little picture.
Love me if you like, but I’m not what you need.
And nothing comes for free. Isn’t it cheap

As soon as she got me alone there was no(huh) hesitation
And she started taking off all her clothes to Lady Paris singing
I was jacking her up all night with a lethal injection
The way she alomost put up a fight, was so close to perfection

Tired eyes, no ties, turn on the light I want to see what gets you hot, tonight.
And she said


isn’t it cheap, when I’m down on my knees.
Talking sweet just to meet your demands. See your
delight as your stealing my night
Just to play it straight in to my hands


Lyrical Diary-

The song “Isn’t It Cheap” lyrics discuss the idea of price and value. The lyrics question whether something is worth more because it is rare or cheap. The song asks whether something is more valuable because it is difficult to obtain or easily available. The song also considers that something may be more valuable if it has a high price tag, even if it is not worth very much.

The lyrics question the speaker’s materialism and greed, wondering if possessions and wealth are worth it. The speaker seems to think not, as they ask, “Isn’t it cheap?” – referring to the low value of objects and money compared to the time, effort, and life that goes into acquiring them. The song then asks listeners to consider what is truly important in life, suggesting that relationships and experiences are more valuable than things.

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