Iko Iko, Aaron Carter- Lyrics

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Iko Iko, Aaron Carter- Lyrics

My grandma and your grandma
Were sittin’ by the fire.
My grandma told your grandma
“I’m gonna set your flag on fire”

Hey now! Hey now!
Iko, Iko, unday
Jockamo feeno ai nan?
Jockamo fee nan?

Look at my king all dressed in red Iko, Iko, unday.
I betcha five dollars he’ll kill you dead
Jockamo fee nan?

My flag boy and your flag boy
Were sittin’ by the fire.
My flag boy told your flag boy
“I’m gonna set your flag on fire”


See that guy all dressed in green ?
Iko Iko unday
He’s not a man He’s a lovin’ machine.
Jockamo fee nan?

[Chorus x 2] [Fade to end]

Lyrical Diary-Iko Iko, Aaron Carter- Lyrics

Iko Iko, Aaron Carter- Lyrics. Writer(s): Rosa Lee Hawkins, Barbara Ann Hawkins, Joan Marie Johnson, James Crawford. album: “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” (2000)

Iko Iko is a song by Aaron Carter that was released in 1996. The song is about a man who is falling in love with a woman, and he is trying to figure out how to tell her. The song is mostly sung in a slow tempo and uses repetitive lyrics. The song has been compared to other songs by Aaron Carter, such as Teenagers and Walls.

Iko Iko is a song by Aaron Carter. The lyrics are about a man trying to get a girl’s attention. The song was released in 2000 and became popular among high school students.

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