I Will Be Yours, Aaron Carter English Song Lyrics

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Aaron Carter English Song Lyrics “I Will Be Yours”

I don’t know what to do
I can’t believe it’s true that
You can make me feel this way
I see it in your eyes
It made me realize
There’s something that I’ve got to say
I just wanna tell you that I’m sorry
For all the things I’ve done to make you worry
And all the time I’ve cared for you from the bottom of my heart
I will be yours if you’ll be mine
I will be there till the end of time
I will be with you until the day that I die
I’ll be yours. I’ll be yours
I’ve been around the world
And have seen a lot of girls
But n one can compare to you
It’s really plain to see
That you belong to me
Cause you’re the only one I need.

Lyrical Diary-Aaron Carter English Song Lyrics “I Will Be Yours”

Writer(s): G. Carolla

The song “I Will Be Yours” by Aaron Carter is about a young man in love with a girl. He is very confident in himself and believes that he can make her happy. He is also very honest with her and tells her everything that is going on in his life.

Aaron Carter’s 2003 single “I Will Be Yours” is a power ballad with a strong romantic sentiment. The song is written in the key of D minor and centers around the protagonist pledging his love to the listener, even though they may not be physically present.
The lyrics are simple but convey an intense depth of feeling. The song begins with the protagonist declaring their love for the listener before urging them to stay with him forever.

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