“Hang On In There” Queen Song Lyrics

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“Hang On In There” Queen Song Lyrics

Don’t let go
Don’t lose your mystique
Wait a little longer
Tomorrow brings another feast
Don’t let go
Don’t lose your reputation
Thank God you’re still alive
You’re still in one piece

Hang on in there
Don’t lose your appetite
Hang on in there
Forget the danger signs
Pray for that magical moment (straight ahead)
And it will appear
Don’t fight for lost emotions!
Wait for the sunrise
And everything will seem so clear
(Look straight ahead, look straight ahead!)
Hang on in there (hang on in there)
Hang on in there (hang on in there)
Your wish will be granted
All your problems will disappear
Don’t be a fool

You haven’t reached your peak
You got a fast car racing up inside you
Your life is incomplete

Hang on in there
Hang on in there!
Pray for that magical moment and it will appear!
(Wait for that moment)
Wait for the sunrise (Ah)
Just wait and see, and it will seem so clear
(Duh duh bap bee dee bup bup bup, duh da dup dee da, hey!)

And let’s go, let’s go!
OK, now do the change up
Hang in there!
(Hang on in there)
Yeah, hang on in there!

Lyrical Diary : “Hang On In There” Queen Song Lyrics

Lyrics to the song “Hang On In There” by Queen, from the album “The Miracle” (1989). Brian May, John Deacon, Freddie Mercury, and Roger Taylor are the authors of this song.

The song “Hang On In There” was written by Brian May and John Deacon and produced by The Miracle. It is about a person struggling but sticking around to see the end.

The song “Hang On In There” by Queen is about the author’s hope that the listener will hold on to hope during difficult times. The lyrics express the author’s belief that even when things seem tough, there is always a way to get through them.

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