At Your Best-Lyrics

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Lyrical Diary-"At Your Best"
Lyrical Diary

“At Your Best”

Let me know, let me know
Ah – ha, let me know, let me know
Let me know

[VERSE 1:]
When I feel what I feel
Sometimes it’s hard to tell you so
You may not be in the mood to learn what you think you know

There are times when I find
You want to keep yourself from me
When I don’t have the strength; I’m just a mirror of what I see

But at your best you are love
You’re a positive motivating force within my life
Should you ever feel the need to wonder why
Let me know, let me know. . .

[VERSE 2:]
When you feel what you feel
Oh, how hard for me to understand
So many things have taken place before this love affair began

But if you feel, oh, like I feel
Confusion can give way to doubt
For there are times when I fall short of what I say,
what I say I’m all about, all about


Tell me what it is (Tell me what it is)
There’s no need to make believe
Look beyond your own (Look beyond your own)
Try and find another place for me
Cause. . .


Ah, ah, ah – ha
See stay at your best baby

Lyrical Diary

The lyrics to “At Your Best” discuss the idea that being your best is not about perfection but about always striving to be better. The song encourages the listener never to give up and keep pushing themselves to be their best. It is a reminder that no one is perfect, but everyone can always continue to improve.

At your best, you are confident and competent. You know what you’re capable of, and you put your best foot forward. You can take on challenges and see them through to the end. You’re a go-getter who knows how to get things done. You’re also able to enjoy life and take it easy when needed. You have a positive outlook on life, and you can find the good in everything.

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